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Jesus really offended the Jews one day when He described himself as the Bread of Heaven that would satisfy their deepest hunger.

John 6:
41-42 At this, because he said, “I am the Bread that came down from heaven,” the Jews started arguing over him: “Isn’t this the son of Joseph? Don’t we know his father? Don’t we know his mother? How can he now say, ‘I came down out of heaven’ and expect anyone to believe him?”

Skandalon… How could they accept Jesus’ claim to be sent from Heaven? This was offensive to their minds. They knew his family and judged Jesus by their familiarity with his human connections. Jesus’ words were offensive because he was saying that he was ‘holier than thou’… legitimately!

Many today reject Christ because they associate Him only with the humans who claim to represent him. When you hear the world and many of Jesus’ followers mock and ridicule the shortcomings of the followers, be careful that you do not look at Jesus this same way. 

If you have more focus on the failure…




In Grade 3, I decided to grow a watermelon and catch a rabbit in my backyard. We lived in a row house in Galt, Ontario and had a tiny area behind the house. 

First, the watermelon… I took a seed from the piece of watermelon I had eaten and planted it near the back wall. Nothing came of it. I forgot that the lawn gets mowed. Sometimes we make plans and we do not account for all the factors that may work against us. Mine was a fruitless attempt.

Second, the rabbit… I carefully propped up one side of a cardboard box with a small stick. Under the box was a carrot. A piece of string joined the stick to my hand at a distance. 

Although I never caught a rabbit, I knew that a trap requires bait and a trigger mechanism.

I was frustrated in both attempts. I knew the ways, but did not have the patience and diligence to see it through. I gave up on becoming a gardener or trapper. 

If I had successfully caught a rabbit, what might it think? Imagine the bunny hopping into my backyard and spying the larg…


What in our childish heart needs to be turned towards the Father? Biblical instruction toward children often focuses on becoming one who gives honour and learns obedience. 

An embittered child heart will choke on the idea of honoring those who brought you to life. Obedience is a dirty word that rings of oppression to the one who has a fear of submission.

Everywhere that sin rules, the family will suffer. Sin always erodes the parent-child connectedness. A heart that has been calloused by selfishness is ripe for divorce and estrangement. 

Elijah’s mission was that of restoring a child’s heart to the parent. When a parent offends and embitters a child, there is God’s anger to confront the parental figure. There is a millstone necklace with your name on it. Again, God’s desire is to help the parent restore love to the child rather than being destroyed by their own offensiveness. We who are parents need to be humble and repent to those we offend.

A child with a good heart is open to instructi…


Stare into the biblical picture of a father and see what comes into focus. We see God the Father and His Son Jesus. We learn that God is also our Father. The ancestors of faith are called fathers. The chosen nation is known as the Children of Israel. The Church is referred to as the Father’s House. 

The heart of God is often described as that of a loving father toward children. Correction, judgment and instruction need to be filtered through an understanding of God’s essential love nature. Love brings order to chaos and creates potential. Love brings a deep sense of belonging.

The prophetic call for fathers of every context is to turn the heart toward the children. This is a call to the family unit and to the Church where spiritual fathers and mothers bear offspring.

So what is it in our hearts that needs changing toward children? How does our generational attitude toward next generation affect our willingness to see who Jesus is?

Elijah’s message calls people back to love like God does. …


Stare into the biblical picture of parent and child. There is a deeper relationship that God desires for humanity. 

The prophet Malachi looked into the future and this is what he saw.

Malachi 4:
5 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. 6 He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

Malachi saw that the ancient prophet Elijah was coming back. This powerful miracle worker from Hebrew history would reappear in time with a message that would change attitudes of parents and children.

If attitudes between generations do not change, total destruction will come. Was the real Elijah coming back from the dead? Or was it someone just like Elijah? Malachi saw a prophet coming who would address broken relationships between parent and child.

400 years later, a priest named Zechariah was in the Temple at Jerusalem saw the …


Have you seen these pictures made up of colourful shapes? They are called stereograms. You are supposed to stare at it until you see a 3D picture emerge. As much as I stare, I have yet to see what I’m supposed to be seeing. 

When I pass by one of these oddities, I don’t even try anymore. I have never seen the hidden tiger or mina bird, so why keep wasting time on it?
In our growth years, we come to accept that we are not good at doing certain things. As adults, there are many who will not shoot hoops, read books, solve math problems or dance. We remember the awkwardness of childhood failures and steer clear of potentially embarrassing activities. 
What if you were to discover that you could still learn and actually excel at something feared? I’ve known several adults who were poor students as children who became A+ students in later years. I’ve seen illiterate people learn to read. 
Prophetic blindness—a prophet speaks and the observers do not see it. This is a reoccurring problem through…